Deck Crew Life – Crab Boat

1. Tell us a little about yourself (Where are you from? How old are you? Describe your job and how long you’ve been at it, etc.).

27 Colorado, 3rd year fishing in Alaska, 1st on crab boat.

2. Why did you want to become a commercial fisherman?

Hard Physical labor, great pay.

3. How do you find a job working in a fishery? Are there classified ads that show openings, or do you really need to just go up there and ask around?

You really got to know somebody, but I’ve used Job boards like and beat the docks as well.

4. What are captains looking for when they hire someone as a deckhand? Any tips for landing the job?

Work hard, be able to take orders, be able to be outside in harsh conditions, respectful.

5. What’s the hierarchy of positions on a boat? What does it take to work your way up to becoming a captain?

Years of hard work and learning everything about the boat you are on.

6. You do this job seasonally. Can you make enough in a summer to last the rest of the year? If not, what do you and others do during the other months of the year? What is the average pay for a deckhand if you don’t mind sharing?

Yes you can stretch one season (3 months) pay for a while year. Sports gamble sometimes or help our buddies out who own small businesses.

7. What’s an average day like for you?

Wake up at 7 am. Cook breakfast for the entire 6 man crew. On deck at 8:30am until midnight with a lunch, dinner, and 2 smalls breaks in between.

8. What is the best part of your job?/What is the worst part of your job?

The pay and the feeling of working extremely hard. Worst part being frozen all the time and not being able to feel your hands.


9. What is the work/family/life balance like for you?

I don’t have much family but it’s fine for me. See them when I can.


10. What is the biggest misconception people have about your job?

That we are going to fall overboard or the boat is going to sink which is highly unlikely but does happen rarely.

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